SIMPLUT Toothpaste Tablets 60


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✨ WHAT YOU NEED: Do you travel often? Do you fly a lot? Perhaps you are a camping enthusiast. Both way, keeping your teeth clean and breath fresh can be difficult, and sometimes it is impossible to carry toothpaste. Do you want to make sure your breath is always fresh? Look no further than our amazing toothpaste tablets!
✈️ ALWAYS TRAVEL READY: Beyond convenient, the chewable toothpaste tabs are incredibly easy to carry, and will fit in your bag, backpack, or pocket. Furthermore, the tablets are solid, so they can be carried on planes.
😁EASY TO USE: The mouthwash tablets are incredibly easy to use. Take a tablet or two, chew it a few times, and brush away! The micro particles will clean your teeth, and help prevent plaque and cavities, and whiten your teeth.
🦷 TASTY FLAVOR: We offer our toothpaste tabs in two amazing flavors: peppermint and Americano café. Cleaning your teeth will feel like a treat every time, and you can make sure you keep those pearly whites healthy!
💯ULTRA SAFE: Developed and made in South Korea. Our flavored toothpaste tablets contain Vitamins B6, E, C, Xylitol, aloe extract and fluoride, and are paraben free. We are committed against animal testing, and no animal raw materials were used, so the tablets are suitable for vegans and vegetarians!