MANDA Zinc Oxide Sunscreen – SPF 50


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Organic Sunscreen SPF 50…made with the highest quality ingredients and formulated with environment and our skin in mind
Mineral based sunscreen…designed to protect against the harshest sun conditions while providing a sun care. Enjoy being outside Longer and worry less about betting burned!
Sensitive skin friendly…made with zero harmful chemicals or synthetics. Our secret ingredient is Thanaka which is high in antioxidants and other regenerative properties. Give your skin the best sunscreen you can.
Safe Sun Care…Our zinc and cruelty free mineral sunscreen hydrates while protects you from harmful UV rays. More time in the sun without worrying about dry or burned skin.
Sustainability is key to the MANDA ethos. We strive to source and use only natural ingredients in all of our products. MANDA Organic Sun Creme comes in a uniquely sustainable bio-plastic tube that is derived from sugar cane. Which is 100% Recyclable.