Luxury Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads


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DON’T LET YOUR EXPENSIVE SKINCARE PRODUCTS GO TO WASTE with non-absorbent, thin cotton pads for face! Unlike others, Tayvada REUSABLE FACE PADS are made with 4 LAYERS OF FABRIC, including HIGHLY ABSORBENT BAMBOO. We include two types of reusable makeup pads in each set: PLUSH, WHITE TERRY BAMBOO PADS that are great FOR TONERS, SERUMS & REMOVING FACE MASKS, & GREY CHARCOAL BAMBOO PADS perfect for TAKING OFF MAKEUP to MINIMIZE STAINING for the perfect skincare routine.
SOME CHEAP FACE CLEANSING PADS AND WIPES ARE TOO ABRASIVE, leaving your skin red & irritated. The Tayvada ULTRA SOFT, EXFOLIATING reusable facial rounds use HYPOALLERGENIC BAMBOO that’s PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. Our no-fuss inner stitching design allows for generous space and NO IRRITATING STITCHES. Plus, it looks nicer too! Our EARTH-FRIENDLY bamboo is RESISTANT TO ODOR & IRRITANTS even after numerous washings for a clean, fresh experience that WON’T BREAK YOU OUT with proper care.
DESIGNED FOR EASE OF USE & DURABILITY, we add POLYESTER TO INCREASE RESILIENCE, help MAINTAIN QUALITY without shrinkage or wrinkles & to help your reusable eye pads DRY QUICKLY. With WIDE POCKETS FOR YOUR FINGERS, you can easily get every spot with our makeup removing cloth. The Tayvada washable makeup remover pads include a LARGE, DURABLE MESH BAG WITH ZIPPER, so you can safely wash your eye makeup remover pads. JUST TOSS IN THE WASHER ON COOL! No fabric softener needed.
IT’S TIME TO REPLACE COTTON ROUNDS FOR FACE FOR GOOD! We’re here to help you reduce your impact on the environment. We are always testing for the very best formulas, the most earth-friendly ingredients and the best designs. At Tayvada, you can always expect FULL TRANSPARENCY & THOUGHTFUL DESIGNS. Our makeup remover pads reusable 14 COUNT SET comes in a HIGH QUALITY, GIFTABLE BOX with SUSTAINABLE TISSUE, backed by the Eco-Packaging Alliance. IT’S A PURCHASE YOU’LL FEEL GREAT ABOUT MAKING!
AT TAYVADA, IT’S OUR MISSION to create products that FOSTER PERSONAL STRENGTH through EMPOWERMENT, BEAUTY through self-care & a desire to lead A MORE CONSCIOUS & FULFILLING LIFE. We are a US-BASED, POC & FEMALE-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS with a passion for improving the world. Each PURCHASE CONTRIBUTES TO CARBON OFFSET INITIATIVES with our partner, Cool Effect. If for any reason you don’t absolutely love your reusable bamboo makeup remover pads, let us know & WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT.