Good Cube Exfoliator and Solid Bar Saver Hemp Bag


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GOOD CUBE The perfect eco-friendly knitted exfoliating pouch to use up those last pesky pieces of your Good Cube bars. Conveniently hang over your shower tap until next use
ZERO WASTE Made of Hemp and fully washable, re-usable and compostable
VALUE Use bars while inside the pouch – they’ll stay usable down to their nubbiest little size, this way allowing you to get the most use out of your purchase
VEGAN FRIENDLY All ingredients in Good Cube are plant-based. There are no animal-derived ingredients and saves our precious water – over 1 litre per 120g bar. CRUELTY-FREE Good Cube products are not tested on animals, and never will be
SUSTAINABLE Good Cube is committed to sustainability and ecological responsibility, so we ensure that our operations are conducted in a way that always protects the environment