Lynpha Vitale Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Scraper


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📜 An ancient Ayurvedic remedy, the copper scraper allows you to quickly and effectively clean the tongue.
👅 Daily tongue cleaning counteracts the formation of bacteria in the oral cavity, preventing bad breath, swollen gums and ensuring optimal oral hygiene: the tongue cleaner allows the removal of the white patina that forms on the tongue during the night.
☀️ Use the tongue scraper daily in the morning, by sliding the tip along the entire tongue to gently remove the white film formed during the night.
✨ Lightweight and easy to handle, its rounded edge guarantees maximum effectiveness in total safety. Given its beneficial properties, copper helps to counteract the reproduction of bacteria.
💦 Practical and hypoallergenic, the copper tongue cleaner is certified as a class 1 CE medical device.