This Rustic Vietnam Eco-Resort is a Holiday Playground in Paradise

Located in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, Mango Bay Resort is an eco-resort that overlooks the Gulf of Thailand and blends boheme-chic with luxury.
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These days, it’s far too easy to get caught up in the stress, hustle and responsibility of everyday life. Sometimes we forget to slow down, reconnect with nature and appreciate Earth’s beauty.

Tucked at the end of a small country road on Phu Quoc, Mango Bay Resort exists as an oasis for guests to slow down and reconnect with nature.

With newly built resorts, stunning sunsets, and azure oceans, Phu Quoc itself is quickly becoming a tourist hotspot in Vietnam.

In the last six years, Phu Quoc has faced rapid development. Amidst the fast construction happening around the island, Mango Bay Resort truly sets the standard for sustainability on Phu Quoc through conscious construction, reef rehabilitation, and community involvement.

Tucked in the jungle, Mango Bay Resort features rustic bungalows surrounded by trees, flowers and jungle. As you pass the rammed Earth buildings and rustic bungalows on this ten-hectare property, you see the clear intersection of boheme and luxury.

The bungalows themselves have views of the beach or the garden, luxurious outdoor showers, and a relaxing space to enjoy nature outside.

You’ll feel at one with nature walking past the thatched roofs, wooden bungalows and rammed Earth buildings on the property.

You can start the day enjoying views of the Gulf of Thailand at the resort’s complementary waterfront breakfast or beachfront yoga class.

During the rest of your day, you can lounge on the beach, go stand-up paddleboarding on the ocean, or enjoy a relaxing massage at their rammed Earth spa.

Don’t forget to make time to catch at least one of Phu Quoc’s stunning sunsets at one of the resort’s three private beaches.

Mango Bay Resort’s waterfront seafood restaurant is the perfect place to end your day. Some tables are on an open terrace, where you can enjoy a romantic dinner underneath the stars as you listen to the water crash onto the shore.

Eco-Resort Meets Sustainable Standards

At Econalu, we believe in holistic sustainability that considers people, profit and the planet. We’re not just trying to save the planet – but also create thriving communities. We love how this eco resort aligns with our values of people, profit, and planet.

Complementary drinking water is provided in glass bottles in every room. 

The resort also goes above and beyond in terms of energy conservation. There are no televisions on the property, nor telephones in the bungalows. Instead of air conditioning, Mango Bay Resort uses natural air circulation and fans. In addition to using low wattage light bulbs, hot water is heated through solar power. 

🌏 Mango Bay Resort Sustainability

  • Complimentary drinking water provided in the room (no plastic bottles)
  • Hot water heated through solar power
  • No TV on property, nor telephones in bungalows
  • Fresh and local food is bought daily to reduce packaging and transportation
  • Natural building methods
  • Reef rehabilitation
  • Most of the furniture at Mango Bay has been made on site, in the resort workshops, using local craftsmen and recycled or sustainable, certified timber
  • Over 80% of staff are from local community
  • Use of local suppliers for over 85% of purchases
  • Pay above average local wages

Community First Sustainability

Sustainability goes beyond making eco-conscious decisions. Holistic sustainability considers how our decisions are sustainable to create thriving communities.

The reality is that a significant amount of money spent in tourism ‘leaks’ out of our destinations. It happens when money spent at tourist destinations leaks into the hands of international companies as opposed to the local communities we visit.

We love how Mango Bay Resort goes beyond making eco-conscious decisions.

They also employ over 80% of their staff from the local community, pay above average local wages, and use local suppliers for over 85% of purchases. This helps the sustainability of the community by consciously keeping money the resort makes in the local economy.

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