I Replaced My Deodorant with a Crystal Stone

Alum is a natural deodorant stone that has been used for many years in the Middle East and Asia. Because it is a naturally mined mineral salt, the alum stone is completely natural.
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It was the beginning of a hot summer in Hoi An, Vietnam. I stood inside our local zero-waste shop. When I told the girl at the counter I needed deodorant, she picked up this crystal block.

“You can use this,” she told me, “and it will last a year.”

Although I wasn’t completely convinced, I wanted a solution. I bought the stone. Fast forward three months, and I will probably use alum for the rest of my life.

It turns out that the block she gave me was alum, a natural deodorant stone.

Alum Deodorant Stone

Alum is a natural deodorant stone that has been used for many years in the Middle East and Asia. The alum is not a crystal, but a naturally mined mineral salt making it completely natural.

The alum itself has antibacterial properties that kill bacteria on your skin. Yes, the bacteria that creates body odor!

The antiperspirant properties are low. While you can expect some antiperspirant properties on your stone, it will not be a complete replacement.

Personally, the crystal alum deodorant stone has been a game-changer. I have two: one for home, and one for my purse. With this solution, I’ll never need to use another type of deodorant again!

How to Use and Take Care of Your Alum Deodorant

  • Slightly wet your alum crystal stone and apply it to your skin
  • Dry the stone off completely so it keeps its shape
  • Do not let it rest on marble or granite (a wood surface is okay!)

Alum crystals are a zero-waste solution that lasts a long time. I love knowing that I will have my crystal for a long time, instead of having to pop into the shop for deodorant once every few months.

Econalu Choice

I recommend the Lynpha Vitale Alum Crystal Deodorant.

These ammonium alum crystals are extracted from natural quarries in Thailand and the Philippines. The stone is then cut with a water saw and packaged without further processing or the addition of chemical additives.

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